Saturday, October 5, 2013


our next release is due out in a few weeks - first 12" on RYSQUE'. Love Cryme - "Get It On" b/w "FFFreak".  includes vocal and instrumental mixes, nice hot 45RPM 12" pressing ready for club use.

Monday, January 21, 2013


More unreleased demo funk recorded around 1986 by Davinity band members Tim Tucker and Fred White. Tim wrote "Love Passed Me By" for Veronica to sing including some of his own vocal sketches in the demo. A version by the female singer never materialized, but we were able to rescue this one from a decaying cassette and give this funk track new life.
 Freddie "Fonk" White is a talented musician/producer who currently plays bass in Lenny Williams' touring band. He recorded the late night instrumental "Captured" while part of the Davinity band in the mid 80s.

 first 50 copies with limited picture cover (sold out). total pressing limited to 300 copies only. released October 2012.

 hear sound clips/purchase from BEAT ELECTRIC or PPU

Monday, November 28, 2011



our third release features more previously unreleased cassette tape demo jams. A-side is a solo production by Oakland native Tim Tucker. Influenced by Paisley Park and Flyte Tyme productions. Flip is from Davinity titled "Fishnets". Hard hitting boogie synth funk, pre 4-track era for the group. "Fishnets" was recorded by bouncing between two standard stereo decks.

A: Tim Tucker - "C'kret" (pronounced "secret")
B: Davinity - "Fishnets"

hear it on youtube side A / side B



Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Debut release for RysQue' Records. Previously unreleased 4-track cassette funk from Oakland, CA. 300 copies with large hole. Recorded circa 1985, released August 2011.

A: Pierre - "Cerri Snow"
B: Veronica - "So In Love"

hear it on youtube side A / side B

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